Journey from FOMO to JOMO
Many of us are constantly active on all platforms of social media out of fear of missing out (FOMO).
Fear varies from someone not liking my stories if I don’t like theirs to missing out on continuous update about what’s happening around. Everyone is trying to get recognition and appreciation for clothes and accessories, trips and places visited, events attended and photos clicked. The list goes on and on…

After doing this for a while there comes a phase when suddenly we start feeling empty. This emptiness gets deep and strong despite being surrounded by thousands of friends across the globe.

This is the time to catch the bus for the journey towards joy of missing out (JOMO). This journey is about discovering that you do not miss out even when you are away from social platforms. We must accept this ‘Big Surprise’ happily. The moment we start enjoying JOMO, the feeling of emptiness starts shading off. We start doing things for internal joy and not for showing it off. We discover that we don’t miss on any update or these updates are not relevent at all. We start enjoying the beauty around through the naked eyes than through camera. Suddenly ‘who says what’ does not matter. Spending time on gadgets reduces to a extent that even if the battery goes off we don’t get panic attacks. This is time to use our energy for the things that offer the ‘real happiness and peace of mind’. This bus for the JOMO is waiting for each one of us. Let’s ride it and experience the difference. 🙂
Anita Kahate

9 thoughts on “FOMO to JOMO”

  1. Journey from FOMO to JOMO.
    Very well written Anita.This is today’ s reality.We are so much into the social media especially young generation that they don’t understand the reality.


  2. It’s a fact! Especially in this twenty first century we are surrounded by gadgets and some people are seriously addicted to these electronic devices . We must know that somewhere in the corner of our hearts people are lacking interaction with their friends and families . Now it’s time to change our lives for the better and brighter future . So let’s learn to experience gadget free day or use it smartly.
    S- Screen free day .
    M- Motivational purpose.
    A- Acknowledgement.
    R- Reasonable .
    T- Time specific.

    By Nandita.

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  3. Well written Anita.
    One more reason for JOMO is, when we meet people in person, we have a lot to talk and share, instead of just checking our mobiles every other minute though we are surrounded by people. 😀


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