Parenting – age 5 to 13 – part IV

In previous three artilces we discussed about first 3 fingers. In this article let’s discuss about the 4th finger, named ring finger. There is a myth that this finger is directly connected to our heart hence ring is worn on this finger. Keeping the myth aside this finger indicates that parents should not ignore each other while upbringing their children.

Our complete energy, focus, time is dedicated to our children. But in all this mess, parents must plan time for each other. Also they must plan some alone time getting away from all the chores. Children are important but relationship with each other should also be given equal importance. This is required for a healthy marriage and a healthy family. Often parents forget this aspect and are deeply engrossed in upbringing their children. This might lead to dissatisfaction, frustration in one of the partners. Study shows that the highest divorce rate is of parents having children between 5 to 13. Ignoring each other unknowingly or unintentionally can cost the marriage. Just try a small thing. Close your all fingers tightly then slowly open one by one all the fingers. We can open all fingers easily but we need to put efforts to open ring finger. So, if we have to believe in the myth of it’s connection with heart we can feel how important it is to maintain healthy relationship in marriages 🙂

Keeping in mind, Impossible itself says ‘I am possible’, parents should make it possible to have their ‘space’. If kids are involved even in this decision making, they will happily provide innovative ideas because they also get their ‘space’ in this process. It turns out to be a win win situation for everyone.

That’s how the myth of wearing ring on the ring finger can turn out to be the fact of maintaining happy and healthy relationship with the partener..

More to follow..

Anita Kahate

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