Parenting – age over 5-part III

I shared my views about first finger in the previous article. Let’s explore about middle finger in this article.

Middle finger means that the center of focus to be explored at this age. Expose the kids to swimming, sports, art, marshal art, music, singing, instruments, drama, modelling, films, speech, anchoring and last but not the least methodical education. Yes, the last one is an important aspect since some kids like and adapt to methodical education system. For them study oriented career options should be an obvious choice. It should be supported by only one fitness related activity. Parents should not force these kids to explore everything else apart from studies since their clear inclination is towards studies. By choice they might opt to learn few other things as well. It’s ok if these kids are little shy, introvert type. Every child carries a certain personality and they do changes by choice once they enter college. Till then accept them as they are, support them in what they do, allow them to explore different things is the mantra to be followed by the parents.

Usually parents start identifying their kids with some lables like  smart, dumb, bright, lazy, slow, star, fat, thin, emotional, exceptional, fearfull, stubborn etc. All such lables are used unknowingly. These lables have deep and long lasting impact on their self esteem. These are deep rooted wounds to their minds. Hence parents must develop a strong control over the words and body language they use while dealing with kids of this age group. Middle finger should always remind parents about balance. This balance can be achieved by practicing and turning negative sentences to positive. For example, instead of saying ‘you should not do this or don’t do this’, explain what is to be done and why it is to be done. Explain the consequences of doing things in a certain manner. Be polite but firm about certain things you want them to do or not to do. Shouting doesn’t help at all in resolving matters at this age.

Parents with balanced approach often find parenting as a easy and stressfree task when their kids enter teenage.

More to follow…

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