Parenting for age 5 and above kids – part II

In part I, we understood the thumb rule. In this part let’s discuss about first finger.

First finger should help the parents remember that their kid’s first priority is now to love themselves. They start expressing their likes and dislikes strongly. They want to be ‘heard’, the moment they want to talk. It can be crap talk for you but for them it’s the most important thing to share at that moment. Parents must use this opportunity to leave everything aside and listen to the child patiently, showing lot of interest. No opinions, suggestions to be given. Just listen to them. At younger age if you listen to their ‘crap’ with keen interest, they will share all their ‘secrets’ with you later.

Children want to try everything first time in life. Parents must listen to their demands, consider safety and security aspects and allow them to explore the things at right age and time. This right age and time might differ from child to child but allowing them to do cooking, cleaning, being at home alone for a short time when they are very keen at younger age will help you to get it done easily at later age when it’s actually needed.

Remember everything has a first time and it turns out as a last time if you make them lose interest by depriving of doing some things they want. Now a days what I see around is reverse. Parents praise their kids for being good at handling electronic gadgets but even a child in 6th or 8th standard does not how how to operate the gas lighter. They don’t know basic stitching, cooking, and many other survival skills. This all must have first priority in bringing up children of this age group.

Training them to keep their safety first in all scenarios while learning new things is where parents can play a crucial role.

Happy parenting…to be continued..

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