Parenting – 0 to 2 thumb rule

In my first writeup, I have covered five fingers. Let’s elaborate about thumb, in this part.

The thumb rule of keeping kids away from gadgets is required for their mental, physical and emotional well being along with the growth. All the motor skills start developing at this stage hence they need more physical movements. If they are watching anything on the screen they remain steady in one position, blink eyes less frequently, want you to talk less, do not respond much. Their brain development slows down. Though this gives some breathing space to the parents, the child development is hampered. Kids start getting used to moving lesser and lesser. This is the starting point of liking lesser ground activities later. Hence parents need to find out their own ways of getting rest time, work time or breathing space by building support system around them. The cost of seeking support is nothing compared to having a lazy child at later stage of growing age.

Board games, jigsaw puzzles,  blocks, story books can be introduced as soon as the child starts sitting properly. Eating on their own might spoil the dining table but their motor skills are developed. The child feels independent at an early age. Feel more happy and confident.

Everyone around must cautiously work on phrasing sentences positively. Use do’s  instead of don’t. Example: instead of saying don’t bang on something say banging on a pillow will not hurt you. Your sentences should convey the concern and care. Kids will understand this and start listening to you more and more. Try turning all negative sentences into positive, which deliver the same message. Once we practice this, we start enjoying this. This starts resulting into a positive response from the child. Automatically positive atmosphere is built around the child.

Taking the kids out for a walk and interacting with people on the way develops their social well being.

Along with all this, decipline has to be introduced at this age. Rules to be set for each family member and followed by all.

Brining up a balanced child becomes easier later, if we do all this for kids between 0 to 2. Readers can share more such ideas..

One thought on “Parenting – 0 to 2 thumb rule”

  1. Anita khup Chan mahiti aatachya pidhila yachi khup garaj ahe . Actual parents nach knowledge dile pahije v good information.


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