Parenting tips – child between 0 to 2 year old

Congratulations on becoming a parent. Welcome to the world filled with full of joy, learning and challenges. I am going to share some tips to enjoy this joyful ride.

Use your five fingers to remember these tips☺️

Thumb indicates a thumb rule- keep your child away from any type of screen in these 2 years. 100% away from television and mobile screens and all types of gadgets. Minimal usage of camera.  Give maximum toys, suitable books and playthings.

1st finger indicates now your first priority is your child. Keep yourself away from social media and other distractions. Children should see their parents completely with them physically and mentally too ☺️

Middle finger indicates the child is a center point. Kids need and deserve as many as possible people around them. Talk to the child as frequently and warmly as possible. The more people talk to the child, the child will feel more loved and cared.

The fourth finger means the child should feel secured from all four sides. To give this feeling, there has to be harmony and peaceful environment at home. How to achieve this? All the pople at home must be always cautious now while interacting with each other. Your child must get only positive vibes around to feel secure. Your interpersonal communication can bring this required change at home. Challenge youeself to get everyone on one page for this.

The little finger means keep aside atleast little time everyday for yourself and for each other. Even 30 minutes to one hour, away from the child helps you to rejuvenate yourself and your relationship with your partner. This helps in strengthening your bond.

All five fingers together means the child is the responsibility of the whole family together. Don’t feel alone or don’t try to do everything alone. Don’t feel lonely. Demand help sweetly if it’s not happening naturally. In fact child birth gets us all closer than before, we just need to take efforts to continue  this closeness.

Try these and also share more..

Anita Kahate


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